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RF & Microwave Filters For Commercial and Military Applications

Anatech Electronics’ goal is to help RF design engineers, Systems engineers, or anyone involved in RF and Microwave communications find the right RF filter or RF product, efficiently.   We offer quick turnaround, cost savings, and a dedicated technical and sales staff ready to help resolve the most challenging requirements.

Our RF filters and RF products are used in military, commercial, aerospace and defense, and industrial applications up to 40 GHz.  They are used throughout the world in carrier-based wireless communications, Wi-Fi, GPS, point-to-point communication and backhaul links, satellite communication as well as radar, IFF, EW, ECM, ESM, and Alleviate interference.   

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    The design of RF and microwave filters and filter-based products such as duplexers, requires both technical...
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    Since 1990, Anatech has served the needs of the aerospace and defense communities...


Anatech Electronics, Inc. is a business to business manufacturer. We do not sell to individual consumers.