Short-Form Catalog, Long on Information!

We've just released the 2013 edition of our short-form catalog, the reference guide for every product we make. Download it now!



Many Duplexers and Diplexers to chose from...


When looking for Duplexers or Diplexers you want  the option to chose from a large library of duplexer and Diplexer products, and that is exactly what we have!  Duplexer library                                                   


RF filters for Wireless applications. The story..

Wireless communication bands are constantly changing.  Anatech Electronics has the Duplexers, Multiplexers, band pass filters needed to remove that interference.  Look at our RF filters for wireless section..

Custom or standard RF filter. That is the question!

You have the option of choosing the type of filter you need.  Standard or Custom RF filter ? Whatever is the case, start the easy way, and look at our comprehensive RF filter product library. 



AEI Technical Reference Workbook

Our Technical Reference Workbook is a simple, tool that lets you accurately determine the characteristics of our products by adding your own values and watching the results on a color plot.

 It’s all at your fingertips – and easy to use. Just click on the below workbook banner and your on your way!


The workbook is very comprehensive, and covers:

  • Bandpass Filters
  • Lowpass Filters
  • Highpass Filters
  • Attenuators
  • Directional Couplers

You can calculate the following additional parameters as well:

  • System cascade parameters
  • Inductance of coils and straight wire
  • Mixer conversion
  • Noise figure to noise temperature conversion
  • One-way and two-way path loss from a transmitter to a receiver along with other parameters
  • Propagation time at various frequencies
  • Radar blind speed
  • Rectangular cavity resonance
  • VSWR to return loss conversion
  • Values of a resistive voltage divider
  • AC voltage and power conversion

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