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This is where you can find our solutions for your custom requirements…

Our custom RF filters are designed per your specific requirement, which will follow you set of specifications for your particular project. Most of our custom design do not require NRE, and only in cases where the complexity warrant an NRE will it be required. Your custom specs will be looked at carefully, and researched through our system to see if we have an already designed product that will match or be close to your requirements.

In many cases an already designed product may only require some frequency shifting, or slight modification to the bandwidth. On the mechanical side any product found to match the electrical specification can be modified to a specific enclosure size, style or connector type. This page is designed to Request a Quote for a specific product line, such as Band pass Filters, Duplexers, Triplexers, Low pass filters, High pass filters, band stop, Multi-band, Power dividers, Directional couplers, Circulators and more. In case you are not sure of the specific product you need please click on the general quotation link below.

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filter you need to meet your specifications 

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