Sales Conditions

AMCrf is the Web store of Anatech Electronics, Inc. (AEI) and is a direct, online, sales outlet for its products. Orders placed through the AMCrf Web site are subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement. This agreement prevails on all transactions performed through the AMCrf Web site unless otherwise agreed on in writing by authorized AEI personnel.  Any change to this agreement without the explicit written authorization of AEI will be rejected, considered fraudulent, and the unmodified and the original form of the agreement will prevail. Any deviation must first get the approval of an authorized representative of AEI and be mutually agreed to by both AEI and the buyer.

Validation and acceptance of order

After an order is placed, AEI will verify the method of payment indicated in the information supplied in the order placement section of the website, which includes shipping address, tax information, and TIN number (if applicable), before processing the order. An order placed through the AMCrf Web site is considered the will to purchase a product or products, and after processing the payment method, and verifying the shipping information, AEI has the right to accept or decline the order. Placing an order is not considered an automatic acceptance of the order placed, and will be considered at such only after the order has shipped. If an order is declined for any reason, the customer will be notified as to the reason of its non-acceptance.

Validity of information

Any orders placed through the Web site must have a valid e-mail address and telephone number. Information regarding an order will be communicated via e-mail giving the status of the order, information on back orders, shipping information, and other information pertaining to the order or product being ordered. AEI is not responsible for any mistakes, typographical errors in customer e-mail addresses, or failure to provide a valid e-mail address. It is the responsibility of the buyer to contact AEI about the status of an order in the case information was not received in a timely manner.

Currency accepted

All AEI orders are paid for only in U.S. dollars. No other currency will be accepted for orders placed on the AMCrf Web site. When placing an order, the customer is responsible for all shipping costs, duties, tariffs, brokerage fees, or any fees charged by local authorities related to the shipping and receipt of the merchandise.

Shipping of orders

AEI will ship its products only to addresses in the U.S. and its territories and to Canada.

Quantity restrictions

AEI may alter the availability of products being purchased or limit the quantities based on prior commitments or on any basis. The quantity availability can be changed at any time without prior notice.

Pricing and product information 

All AEI products are priced by AEI using a fair assessment of the product, using guidelines such as complexity of the product, commercial availability, quantity being ordered, customization of the product, availability, and other means of measure, in order to fairly price the products. AEI will make every effort to provide fair, current, and accurate price information related to the product being ordered or offered on the Web site. AEI does not guarantee the accuracy of its prices or any related information. All information on the AMCrf Web site is subject to change at any given moment without prior notice, including pricing, availability, and quantities. All orders placed on the Web site are subject to the acceptance by AEI. In the event that an error in pricing, material information, description, or availability is found, the buyer will be notified prior to the shipment of the product, and will be given a choice to accept the new information or cancel the order. If the order is being canceled as a result of the new information, the buyer will be refunded the charged amount.

Payment methods

AEI offers several payment methods including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, wire transfer, money order, and check. Any payment by check or money order will be subject to the verification of funds. All orders will be shipped after funds are received, deposited, and cleared in the AEI bank account.

An open account can be established after the verification of proper credit references. In order to apply for an open account, contact the AEI administrative offices and appropriate forms will be provided. An open account will be established after the verification of the applying party's credit, and bank references are checked and accepted. All customers not on an open account are on a prepaid basis and no COD terms are available.

In order to obtain a credit application for an open account credit, please contact a representative at AEI. The processing of a credit application depends on the timely information received by the references supplied. Time to receive the information can range from a few days to a few weeks. To avoid delay on an initial order and alternative payment method can be selected. On all prepaid accounts, the shipping process will start only after the funds are deposited in the AEI bank account

Shipping and handling charges 

All shipping and handling charges will be added to the invoice as a separate item.  Shipping and handling charges are to be prepaid by the purchaser or per the appropriate payment terms. All shipments will be shipped by UPS or Federal Express unless instructed otherwise by the customer and agreed to by AEI. Back orders will be shipped when available and the appropriate shipping charges will be added on to the invoice unless the shipping charges were already prepaid. No orders will be shipped until the funds are deposited in AEI bank account.

Out-of-stock products

If a product is out of stock at the time of placement of the order, the customer will be notified and can elect the action to be taken. All out-of-stock items will ship when the item will be available, and the normal shipping and handling charges will be applied to the invoice at the time of shipment.

Order cancelation

All products that are in stock at placement of order and specified to buyer by AEI for "Immediate Delivery" cannot be cancelled. Products no in stock and with a shipment date of 4 weeks or longer can be canceled if buyer, within 7 days or order placement, directs AEI to cancel the order. In the event the buyer wishes to cancel an order beyond the limitations just stated, buyer shall be financially liable for the sales price of all finished goods inventory plus the total cost of all work in process, all raw materials purchased for the product, including long-lead-time and bulk material, a reasonable profit, and any other commitment made or cost incurred by AEI for the specific purpose of complying with the order.

Return policy

All AEI products are subject to the AMCrf Terms of Warranty. Any merchandise received that has been damaged in transit must be kept in the original carton with its packing material. AEI must be contacted immediately so that a claim can be started with the shipping company or with AEI if the packing material was inappropriate. AEI must be contacted prior to returning a defective item. A Return Material Authorization (RMA) form will be issued by an AEI customer service representative to be completed by the customer giving details about the nature of the defect. All returned material must be prepaid by the customer unless otherwise indicated or agreed on in writing by an AEI customer service