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Standard RF Filters, Custom RF Filters and Coaxial RF Cables

 Anatech Electronics, Garfield, NJ , is an ISO9001-2008 certified company offering the most extensive database of Standard RF filters, which include, Band Pass filters, Duplexers, Band Stops / Notch Filters, Low Pass, High Pass, Triplexers, Multiplexers, Switched Filter Banks, Tunable Filters, and integrated assemblies.  Anatech Electronics, caters to customers globally, and have been recognized as a leading provider to the Military and commercial sectors. Anatech Electronics manufactures, LC Filters, Cavity Filters, Waveguide Filters, Ceramic Band Pass, SAW Filters, and Crystal Filters.  Anatech Electronics design and manufactures custom RF filters with specific set of requirements, drawing on its extensive experience in the design and manufacture of custom RF filters up to 40 GHz.





Custom RF Filters

Standard RF Filters

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Anatech Electronics, Inc. is a business to business manufacturer. We do not sell to individual consumers
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