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Solutions for RF interference. Solutions for your communication system design.

Anatech Electronics one of the leading RF Filter manufacturers has the right RF filter solution for you!

Our core business is RF Filters and Microwave Filters, so no matter what filter you need, you can find it in our extended database. 

If you find an RF Filter that almost matches, we will modify it for you to meet your exact specifications or We will design it for you. 

So, if you need an RF Filter for your Military or Commercial Communication System, looking for a solution to alleviating Interference, then You’ve come to the right place!

We are up to the challenge and ready to provide you with your RF Filter solution!


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We'll design it for you.

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Featured Products


  • 5G Multiplexer combining Bands 12, 5, 2, 4 and band 30 downlinks

    5G Multiplexer combining Bands 12, 5, 2, 4,30 downlinks 

    Model number AE737-1960-2132-2355MP1020 Multiplexer combines the UMTS CH 12, CH 5, LTE Band 2, Band 4, and Band 30. The Multiplexer has an insertion loss of <= 1dB in every port, with a power handling of 100W in the common port. The size is 5.36”(136mm) x 5.62”(142mm) x 2.96”(70mm) with SMA connectors.The multiplexer can be offered with N type connector or any combination of connectors.See Datasheet

  • 32GHz Band Pass filter for 5G  spectrum

    32 GHz Band Pass Filter for 5G spectrum

    Exhibiting an insertion loss is less than 2 dB, a passband of about 500 MHz, and 50 dB rejection at Fo +/- 1GHz. The 32GHz Band Pass filter can handle 10 Watts Max.The 32GHz Band Pass filter Size is 3.4” (85mm) x 0.6” (15mm) x 0.4” (10.5mm) with 2.92mm-female connector For full information.See Datasheet

Suspended Stripline Low Pass & High Pass Filters

Waveguide Band Pass & Notch Filters


Introducing new lines of filters expending our offerings of quality RF & Microwave Filters.

Anatech Electronics Introduces new lines of RF & Microwave Filters.  

The new lines consist of Waveguide Band Pass Filters Ranging in frequencies from 7000 to 36000 MHz, Waveguide Notch Filters Ranging in frequencies from 725 to 5900 MHz. Suspended Stripline Low Pass Filters Ranging in frequencies from 800 to 20000 MHz, and Suspended Stripline High Pass Filters in frequencies Ranging from 1000 to 20000 MHz.  Furthermore, the new lines, greatly extends the already large database of RF and Microwave filters.                                                                 

Anatech Electronics constantly innovates and expends its offerings of RF & Microwave filters, to help the RF engineer, System designers, wireless system installers find the right solutions for their RF communication system need.  With the US frequency spectrum becoming more complex to maneuver thru, finding the right RF filter solution to alleviate interference is also becoming more complex. 

 Anatech Electronics has more than 40 years of technical experience under its belt, and the expertise to find and design the right RF filters solutions that will do the job. 

 Anatech Electronics will be exhibiting in The 2020 IEEE Radio and Wireless Week (RWW2020).  For more information Click here. 

Anatech Electronics, Inc. is a business to business manufacturer. We do not sell to individual consumers