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Solutions for RF interference. Solutions for your communication system design.

We design, Manufacture and supply RF & Microwave Filters!

                               Commercial, Military, and Space applications.

RF Filters is our core business, we listen, we look at your requirements, and we provide a solution.

We have more than 10,000 different type of RF FIlters products, in many technologies.

So, if you need an RF Filter, You’ve come to the right place!  Just send us you Specs or browse our extensive database of standard RF Filters 

We are up to the challenge and ready to provide you a solution for your RF Filter need.


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Featured Products


  • 5G Multiplexer combining Bands 12, 5, 2, 4 and band 30 downlinks

    GSM1900 Monoblock Ceramic Duplexer.  1850-1910 MHz/1930-1990 MHz

     Our GSM1900 Monoblock Ceramic Band Pass filter Part Number AM1880-1960D1005 features high performance in a low profile package.  Band1 (Uplink) 1850-1910 MHz, Band2 (Downlink) 1930-1990 MHz with a typical isolation of 40 dB.  Can handle about 5-7 watts of power and a size of 28.48 x 6.85 x 4.90 mm.  Our Monoblock ceramic Duplexers are also available in SMA(F) connectorized metal packages, please inquire.  For more information please see our datasheet

  • 32GHz Band Pass filter for 5G  spectrum

    Ceramic Band Pass Filters for the 5G 3.5 GHz spectrum

     Anatech Electronics offers a variety of 3500 MHz Ceramic Band Pass filter used for the 5G Band above 3GHz.  The different Ceramic Filters exhibit different performance in different package size and style. All our Ceramic Filters can also be offered in SMA(F) metal packages.  For more information and to read more about our 3500 MHz Ceramic filter by following 3500 MHz Ceramic Band Pass Page.

Need RF filters?

Low Pass, High Pass, Band Pass, Duplexers & Diplexers, Band Stop, Triplexers, Multiplexers, switched filter Banks.
Connectorized, Drop-in, Surface Mount.
Cavity, Lumped LC, Waveguide, Ceramic, SAW, Suspended Substrate, and Helical. DC-50GHz.

Band Pass Filter RF Filters, DC to 50 GHz Duplexers and Diplexers

Browse our extensive RF filters database or complete the specific type technical forms we will find or design the RF filter that will match your requirements.

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