9100 MHz Cavity Band Pass Filter

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9100 MHz Cavity Band Pass Filter
Cavity Band Pass filter with fo at 9100MHz, Bandwidth of 250MHz typ, Insertion loss in Bandwidth < 2dB typ and rejection > 70dB typ at 0 - 8342 MHz and 9858 MHz - 20 GHz, built in a package size of 2.5 X 0.625 X 0.5 (in) max.

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9100 MHz Cavity Band Pass Filter for X Band applications
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Product Specifications

Parameter Value
Center Frequency 9100 MHz
Band Width 250 MHz
Pass Band 8.975-9.225 GHz
Insertion Loss <2.0 dB
Return Loss >14 dB
Rejection (low side) 0-8342 MHz >70 dB
Rejection (high side) 9858-20000 MHz >70 dB
Power Handling 25 Watts
Connector Type SMA (F)
Dimensions 2.5 x 0.625 x 0.5 in.
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