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Solutions for RF interference. Solutions for your communication system design.

We design, Manufacture and supply RF & Microwave Filters!

                              Commercial, Military, and Space applications.

                         We listen, look at your requirements and provide a solution.

                          We are up to the challenge!

More than 10,000 standard RF FIlters products in our extensive database to choose from.

Just send us your specifications or browse our extensive database of standard RF Filters. 



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Featured Products


  • 902 MHz ISM Cavity Notch Filter

    902 MHz High Performance ISM Band Cavity Notch Filter.


    Our Part Number AE902N2246 is a high performance 902 MHz ISM Band Reject filter, featuring high selectivit and high power handling.  The notch Band is 892 912MHz centered at 902 MHz, Low side pass band DC 882 MHz, high side pass band 922 2700 MHz, and power handling up to 75 Watt.  For more information please go to https://www.anatechelectronics.com/media/pdf/AE902N2246.pdf .

  • 18 GHz Suspended Stripline High Pass

    18 GHz to 40 GHz Suspended Stripline High Pass Filter.

     Part Numkber AE18000SSH6615 High Pass filter has a pass band from 18 GHz to 40 GHz with an in pasband insertion loss of less than 1 dB.  Power handling of 15 watt with a small footprint.  Rejection of 50 dB DC to 15 GHz and 30 dB @ 17 GHz, SMA (F) Connectors.  For more information please go to https://www.anatechelectronics.com/media/pdf/AE18000SSH6615.pdf

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Below is a convenient way to specify your RF Filter requirements.  We will do the lookup for you and see if a matching standard product, or if a standard product can be modified to match your specifications.  Otherwise we will design one for you.

Band Pass Filter RF Filters, DC to 50 GHz Duplexers and Diplexers

Browse our extensive RF filters database or complete the specific type technical forms we will find or design the RF filter that will match your requirements.

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