Multiband Multiplexers

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Multiband Multiplexers
Custom Multiband Multiplexers

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Anatech multiband multiplexers are cost-effective solutions that allow wireless carriers, public safety, or defense communications systems to multiplex both transmit and receive paths into a single antenna or vice versa. They can also split signals from a single antenna into multiple base station transceivers. The units can combine or split two ways as a duplexer or three ways is a triplexer with up to six wireless bands in any combination. They can be designed in cavity or ceramic filter topologies depending on the requirements of the application and are available in frequency from 30 MHz to 20 GHz in various packaging configurations with all popular types of connectors. Anatech can manufacture custom multiband multiplexers to meet specific customer requirements.
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General Characteristics

Frequency Range 30 to 20,000 MHz
3dB bandwidth (%) 0.2 to 30
Number of sections 3 to 8
VSWR (typ.) 1.5:1
Input/output impedance (ohms) 50 Ω
Avg. input power 50 Watts
Package styles Connectorized PC Mount, Drop In, Surface Mount
Operating temperature (°C) -55 to +85°C
Shock 20G, 11ms
Vibration 10G, 5 to 200 Hz
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