LC Band Pass Filters

LC Band Pass Filters

Anatech Electronics Lumped-element Bandpass Filters or LC bandpass filters range in frequency from 10 kHz to 3000 MHz.  The LC Bandpass Filter is based on inductors and capacitors type resonators. The LC Band pass Filter is relatively small and are optimized to achieve peak performance within a given set of specifications and mechanical requirements. Anatech Electronics LC Band pass filters are designed for optimum Q, low insertion loss, and high selectivity. Standard topologies include Chebyshev, Butterworth, elliptic, and Bessel, special filter shapes are available as well. They range in length from 0.2 inch to more than 10 inches, depending on the frequency, power requirements, and performance. Packaging options include surface mount, connectorized, printed circuit board mount, and drop-in.

We offer Custom LC bandpass filters, and special requirements, such as group delay variation, amplitude matching, phase matching, and tracking can be specified.


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