RF Notch Filters

RF Notch Filters

Anatech Electronics RF BandStop filters also referend to as RF Notch Filters expertise is derived from the many years of design experience, knowledge, and emphasis on customer requirements.  The RF Notch Filter is used to reject just a single frequency within a certain bandwidth.  The bandstop filter or RF Notch Filter requires more Q than any other type of RF Filter in order to have an equivalent steepness as oppose for example a band pass filter.  Since most RF filters are derived from the basic low pass filter, and then converted thru mathematical processes to a band stop filter, that type of filter requires more sections in order to have an equivalent pass band to reject band transition.  That said the RF Notch Filters are more complex to design, and requires careful adjustment, and attention to the exactness of the element values in order to give good results.

Anatech Electronics, standard RF band stop, and RF notch filters is a library of already designed RF Notch Filters.  Please look what you need and chances are that you will find a product that will match, or close to it.  In many cases we can modify the original product to better match your requirements.  If all fails and you cannot find that specific RF band stop or RF notch filter, click on the link below, and we will help you product that matches your requirement.


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