Cavity Notch Filters(330-6000 MHz)

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ModelVSWR (typ.) 
AE2267-2387BPN2282 See Datasheet Buy Now
AE1575NS2174 1575.42 MHzSee Full DatasheetSee Full Datasheet>80 dB500-1545.42 MHz1605.42-2500 MHz>15 dB Request Quote
AE1600N2231 1600 MHz5 MHz1597.5-1062.5 MHz≥40dB @ 1597.5-1602.5 MHzDC-1590MHz1610-2200 MHz11 dB Min. Request Quote
AE1650N2237 1650 MHz48.5 MHz1626.5-1675 MHz56 dB MIn0-1610MHz1705-4500 MHz14 dB Min. Request Quote
AE1747NS2175 1747.5 MHz75 MHz1710-1785 MHz>40 dB1600-1695 MHz1820-2100 MHz>14 dB Request Quote
AE1750N2247 1750 MHz20 MHz1740-1760 MHz>40 dB Request Quote
AE1880NS2176 1880 MHz54.8 MHz1852.6-1907.4 MHz>40 dBDC-1835 MHz1925-3000 MHz>14 dB Request Quote
AE1950N2248 1950 MHz20 MHz1940-1960 MHz>40 dB Request Quote
AE1950NS2177 1950 MHzCf +/- 31 MHz1922.6-1977.4 MHz>40 dB1805-1905 MHz1995-2095 MHz>14 dB Request Quote
AE2000N2232 2000 MHz5 MHz1997.5-2002.5 MHz40dB MinDC-1990MHz 2010-3000MHz11 dB Min. Request Quote

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