Cavity Notch Filters(330-6000 MHz)

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ModelNotch Center FrequencyNotch BandwidthNotch BandRejection in BandwidthPassband Below NotchPassband Above NotchReturn Loss 
AE897NS2172 897.6 MHzCf +/- 19 MHz882.6-912.4 MHz>40 dB772-872 MHz923-1023 MHz>14 dB Request Quote
AE1950NS2177 1950 MHzCf +/- 31 MHz1922.6-1977.4 MHz>40 dB1805-1905 MHz1995-2095 MHz>14 dB Request Quote
AE866NS2189 866.2 MHz4.6 MHz863.9-868.5 MHz50 dBDC-857 MHz874-1800 MHz>14 dB Request Quote
AE2145NS2200 2145 MHz70 MHz2110-2180 MHz>50 dB80-2085 MHz2210-6000 MHz>15 dB Request Quote
AE788NS2165 788 MHz30 MHz773-803 MHz>30 dB9 kHz-743 MHz818-1400 MHz>14 dB Request Quote
AE866NS2170 866.2 MHz4.6 MHz863.9-868.5 MHz>50 dBDC-857 MHz874-1800 MHz>14 dB Request Quote
AE1747NS2175 1747.5 MHz75 MHz1710-1785 MHz>40 dB1600-1695 MHz1820-2100 MHz>14 dB Request Quote
AE2575NS2184 2575 MHz50 MHz2550-2600 MHz>50 dB80-2535 MHz2615-6000 MHz>15 dB Request Quote
AE890NS2195 890 MHz60 MHz860-920 MHz>50 dB80-800 MHz1000-2500 MHz>12 dB Request Quote
AE4500N2235 4500 MHz 1000 MHz4000-5000 MHzDC~3875MHz5125-6000 MHz approx. Request Quote

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