LC Notch Filters(5-1850 MHz)

We currently offer more than two dozen LC Notch Filter models in our standard product listing. Full datasheets are available for download or printing on every Lumped Element model in our inventory, including outline drawings and detailed product specifications for your review. If you do not find the specific model to meet your application needs, we also offer custom LC Notch Filters as well.

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ModelNotch Center FrequencyNotch BandwidthNotch BandRejection in BandwidthPassband Below NotchPassband Above NotchReturn Loss 
AE343NS2160 343 MHz4 MHz341-345 MHz>30 dB30-335 MHz351-400 MHzSee Full Datasheet Request Quote
AE113NS2186 113 MHz10 MHz108-118 MHz50 dB MinDC-95 MHz135-1000 MHz15 dB Min Request Quote
AE113NS2186-S 113 MHz10 MHz108-118 MHz50 dB MinDC-103 MHz123-1000 MHz15 dB Min Request Quote
AE398N2238 398.025 MHz1 MHz397.75-398.75 MHz>25 dB30 MHz to 359 MHz438 MHz to 800 MHz Request Quote
AE942NS2181 942 MHz34.8 MHz925.2-960 MHz>50 dB80-887 MHz1002-6000 MHz>15 dB Request Quote
AE70NS2191 70 MHz4 MHz68-72 MHz>30 dB0-64 MHz76-150 MHz>15 dB Request Quote
AE156N2233 156.5 MHz 1 MHz Min.>25 dB30 MHz to 126.5 MHz186.5 MHz to 800 MHz Request Quote
AE25S2040 25 MHz5.5 MHz23-28.5 MHz>50 dB0-20 MHz30-90 MHz>15 dB Request Quote
AE942N2242-NMNF-O 942 MHz34.8 MHz925.2-960 MHz≥ 40dB80-850 MHz1040-3800 MHz>15 dB Request Quote
AE1370NS2187 1370 MHz40 MHz1350-1390 MHz35 dB Min300-1330 MHz1410-1600 MHzSee Full Datasheet Request Quote

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