Waveguide Notch Filters (725-5900 MHz)

Anatech Electronics Waveguide Notch filters are available in frequencies from 725-5900 MHz. The resonators and cavities are silver plated for low RF resistivity, in order to achieve low insertion loss and high selectivity. The Waveguide Notch filter size depends on performance requirements, frequency of operation, RF power handling, insertion loss, and number of sections. Anatech Electonics uses the best topology required to achieve the required performance.  Our Waveguide Notch FIlters can be designed in weatherproof packaging for outdoor use.  

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ModelNotch Center FrequencyNotch BandNotch BandwidthRejection in BandwidthPassband Below NotchPassband Above NotchVSWR (typ.) 
AE1880WN2263 1880 MHz1850~1910 MHz60 MHz≥50dBDC-1820MHz1940-4500MHz≤1.5:1 Request Quote
AE1890WN2240 1890 MHz1880~1900MHz20 MHz≥30dBDC~1867MHz1930~4500MHz≤1.5:1 Request Quote
AE1905WN2222 1905 MHz1880~1930MHz50 MHz≥40dBDC~1830MHz1980~4600MHz≤1.5:1 Request Quote
AE1950WN2288 1950 MHz1920~1980 MHz60 MHz≥40dBDC~1895MHz2005~4500MHz≤1.5:1 Request Quote
AE1960WN2274 1960 MHz1930~1990 MHz60 MHz≥50dBDC~1900MHz2020~4000MHz≤1.5:1 Request Quote
AE1960WN2264 1960 MHz1915~2005 MHz90 MHz≥40dBDC~1895MHz2025~5000MHz≤1.7:1 Request Quote
AE1960WN2260 1960 MHz1930~1990 MHz60 MHz≥50dBDC~1900MHz2020~4000MHz≤1.5:1 Request Quote
AE1980WN2282 1980 MHz1970~1990 MHz20 MHz≥40dBDC~1950MHz2010~5000MHz≤1.5:1 Request Quote
AE1995WN2268 1995 MHz1980~2010 MHz30 MHz≥50dBDC~1950MHz2040~5200MHz≤1.5:1 Request Quote
AE1995WN2267 1995 MHz1965~2025 MHz60 MHz≥45dBDC~1940MHz2050~4500MHz≤1.5:1 Request Quote

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