1001 - 2000 MHz Cavity Duplexers

This section lists all the Cavity Duplexers within the 1001 MHz to 2000 MHz range. Please look for the filter in the frequency range you are interested in, and by clicking the link, you will be able to get more technical detail for that particular filter as well as a full data sheet. A request for quote for the quantity needed can be sent directly to our sales dept. by inserting the quantity in the "add to quote" box, multiple quantities can be entered once in the "Request for Quote page". You can also add to the quote cart multiple products, and by following the same process multiple quantities can be entered for each product.

If you need assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at sales@anatechelectronics.com

ModelBand 1 Band 2Band 1 BandwidthBand 2 BandwidthInsertion loss (dB)Return LossIsolation 
AE1030-1090D490 1018-1042 MHz1078-1102 MHz24 MHz24 MHz<0.7 dB>18 dB>60 dB Buy Now
AE1030-1090D483 1025-1035 MHz1085-1095 MHz10 MHz10 MHz<1.3 dB>15 dB60 dB Request Quote
AD1030-1090D413 1025-1035 MHz1085-1095 MHz10 MHz10 MHz<1.0 dB>18 dB>60 dB Request Quote
AD1030-1090D414 1025-1035 MHz1085-1095 MHz10 MHz10 MHz<1.2 dB>18 dB>60 dB Request Quote
AE1090-1030D5405 1085-1095 MHz1025-1035 MHz10 MHz10 MHz<1.3 dB>15 dB60 dB Request Quote
AD1232-1568D405 1164-1301 MHz1525-1612 MHz37 MHz87 MHz<1.0 dB>10 dB>40 dB Buy Now
AD1232-1568D263 1164-1301 MHz1525-1612 MHz37 MHz87 MHz<1 dB>14 dB40 dB Buy Now
AD1227-1575C102-D 1215.6-1239.6 MHz1563.42-1587.42 MHz24 MHz24 MHz<1.0 dB>15 dB>30 dB Request Quote
AD1450-1750D367 1350-1550 MHz1650-1850 MHz200 MHz200 MHz<1.5 dB>14 dB>60 dB Request Quote
AE1445-1493DB5449 1445 MHz1493 MHz35 MHz35 MHz18 dB Min Buy Now
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