3 - 1000 MHz LC Duplexers


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ModelBand 1 Band 2Band 1 BandwidthBand 2 BandwidthInsertion loss (dB)Return LossIsolation 
AE15-455DB5172 0-30MHz50-860MHz30 MHz810 MHz<1.0 dB>14 dB>50 dB Request Quote
AE200-575DB5176 0-400MHz500-650MHz400 MHz150 MHz<1.0 dB>18 dB>30 dB Request Quote
AE137-322DB5183 100-175MHz225-420MHz75 MHz195 MHz<1.0 dB>18 dB>30 dB Request Quote
AE182-440DB5375 121-243 MHz380-500 MHz122 MHz120 MHz<1.0 dB>14 dB60 dB Request Quote
AE155-450DP5431 136-174 MHz380-520 MHz38 MHz140 MHz<1.0dB>14 dB50 dB Min Request Quote
AE59-310DB5479 30-88 MHz180-512 MHz58 MHz332 MHz<0.5dB>14 dB>20 dB Request Quote
AE65-85DB5389 5-65 MHz85-1006 MHz60 MHz21 MHz<1.6 dB>12 dB>35 dB Request Quote
AE899-944DB5141 890-909MHz935-954MHz19 MHz19 MHz<0.6 dB>18 dB80 dB Request Quote
AE7-113DB5402 DC-14 MHz26-200 MHzSee Full DatasheetSee Full Datasheet<1.5 dB>9.5 dB>20 dB Request Quote

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