1001 - 3000 MHz LC Duplexers

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ModelBand 1 Band 2Band 1 BandwidthBand 2 BandwidthInsertion loss (dB)Return LossIsolation 
AD1595-4600D472 500-2690 MHz3400-6000 MHz2190 MHz2400 MHz<1.0 dB>15 dB>40 dB Request Quote
AD730-2058D473 500-960 MHz1427-2690 MHz460 MHz1263 MHz<1.0 dB>15 dB>40 dB Request Quote
AE1460-2450DB5177 750-2170MHz2400-2500MHz1420 MHz100 MHz<1.0 dB>15 dB>30 dB Request Quote
AE9850-10290DB5290 9.75-9.95 GHz10.14 GHz-10.44 GHz0.20 GHz0.30 GHz<3.5 dB>10 dB>55 dB Request Quote

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