1-20 GHz Low Profile Strip-Line High Pass Filters

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ModelCutoff FrequencyFrequency RangeInsertion LossVSWR (typ.)Rejection 
AE3250SSH6590 3.25GHz3.25~22GHz≤1.5dB @ 3.25~3.35GHz≤1.5:1 @ 3.25~20GHz≥50dB @ DC~2.57GHz Request Quote
AE3500SSH6542 3.5GHz3.5~19GHz≤2.0dB @ 3.5~3.7GHz≤1.5:1≥60dB @ DC~3.08GHz Request Quote
AE3500SSH6591 3.5GHz3.5~23GHz≤1.5dB @ 3.5~3.6GHz≤1.5:1 @ 3.5~20GHz≥50dB @ DC~2.77GHz Request Quote
AE3750SSH6554 3.75GHz3.75~19GHz≤2.0dB @ 3.75~3.95GHz≤1.5:1≥60dB @ DC~3.3GHz Request Quote
AE3750SSH6592 3.75GHz3.75~23GHz≤1.5dB @ 3.75~3.9GHz≤1.5:1 @ 3.75~20GHz≥50dB @ DC~3.03GHz Request Quote
AE3000SLH1006 3.0GHz3000-12700 MHz<1.5 dB2.0:1 Max>40 dB @ DC-2700 MHz Request Quote
AE3400SLH1007 3.4GHz3400-10000 MHz<1.5 dB1.80:1 Max>40 dB @ DC-2700 MHz Request Quote
AE4000SSH6544 4GHz4.0~20GHz≤2.0dB @ 4.0~4.2GHz≤1.5:1≥60dB @ DC~3.55GHz Request Quote
AE4000SSH6593 4GHz4.0~23GHz≤1.5dB @ 4.0~4.15GHz≤1.5:1 @ 4.0~20GHz≥50dB @ DC~3.2GHz Request Quote
AE4250SSH6555 4.25GHz4.25~20GHz≤2.0dB @ 4.25~4.5GHz≤1.5:1≥60dB @ DC~3.78GHz Request Quote

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