Multiplexers(10-12000 MHz)

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ModelBand 1Band 2Band 3Band 4Band 5 
AE10-900MP1002 10-45 MHz88-108 MHz174-216 MHz440-470 MHz800-900 MHz Request Quote
AE1880-1960-1745-2145MP1007 1850-1910 MHz1930.0-1990.01710.0-1780.02110.0-2180.0 Request Quote
AE1882-1962-1745-2145MP1008 1850-1915 MHz1930.0-1995.01710.0-1780.02110.0-2180.0 Request Quote
AE1882-1962-2132-1732MP1005 1850-1915 MHz1930-1995 MHz2110-2155 MHz1710-1755 MHzN/A Request Quote
AE2G-3G-6G-10GQP8354 DC-2 GHz2-4 GHz4-8 GHz8-12 GHz Buy Now
AE700-850-1925-1727-2145-2332MP103 698-787 MHz817-896 MHz1850-2000 MHz1695-1780 / 2110-2180 MHz2305-2360 MHz Request Quote
AE707-742-782-833-878MP1004 698-716 MHz728-757 MHZ777-787 MHz817-849 MHz862-894 MHz Request Quote
AM2000-2300-2620-2920QP179 2870-2970 MHz2619-2621 MHz2285-2315MHz2285-2315MHzN/A Request Quote

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