2.4 GHz Wi-Fi channels 1 thru 14 Ceramic duplexers

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ModelBand 2Band 1 BandwidthBand 2 BandwidthInsertion loss (dB)Return LossIsolation 
AM2185-1995D1148 1980.0-2010.0 MHz30 MHz30 MHz<3.0 dB>14 dB>40 dB Request Quote
AM2212-2287D779 2275-2300 MHz25 MHz25 MHz<2.0 dB>15 dB>50 dB Request Quote
AM2307-2352D1018 2352.5 MHz0 MHz0 MHz<2.5 dB >14 dB>15 dB Request Quote
AM2312-2357D1019 2357.5 MHz0 MHz0 MHz<2.5 dB >14 dB>30 dB Request Quote
AM2317-2362D1020 2362.5 MHz0 MHz0 MHz<2.5 dB >14 dB>50 dB Request Quote
AM2380-2520D1127 2520 MHz40 MHz40 MHz<4.0 dB>15 dB>30 dB Request Quote
AM2404-2450D1059 2446-2454 MHz8 MHz8 MHz<2.0 dB>14 dB>50 dB Request Quote
AM2404-2450D1061 2446-2454 MHz8 MHz8 MHz<3.0 dB>14 dB>70 dB Request Quote
AM2450-5500D1101 2400-2500 MHz700 MHz100 MHz<1.3 dB>14 dB>50 dB Request Quote
AM2510-2680D1102 2670-2690 MHz20 MHz20 MHz<2.0 dB>14 dB>60 dB Request Quote

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