RF Cable Assemblies

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ModelConnector AConnector A GenderConnector A StyleConnector BConnector B GenderConnector B Style 
AECA-LMR100A-201 SMAFemaleStraightSMAFemaleStraight Request Quote
AECA-LMR100A-202 SMAMaleStraightSMAMaleStraight Request Quote
AECA-LMR100A-203 NFemaleStraightMMCXPlugRight Angle Request Quote
AECA-LMR100A-204 SMAFemaleStraightMMCXPlugRight Angle Request Quote
AECA-LMR100A-206 SMAMaleStraightTNCMaleStraight Request Quote
AECA-LMR100A-207 TNCMaleStraightTNCMaleStraight Request Quote
AECA-LMR100A-208 MMCXPlugRight AngleNFemaleStraight Request Quote
AECA-LMR100A-209 MMCXPlugRight AngleSMAFemaleStraight Request Quote
AECA-LMR100A-210 TNCMaleStraightSMAMaleStraight Request Quote
AECA-LMR195-211 SMAMaleStraightSMAMaleStraight Request Quote

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