Standard RF Filter Products

  • Band Pass Filters Band Pass Filters

    Anatech Electronics Standard Band pass filters database is a library of previously designed band pass filters in several technologies, such as Cavity Band pass filters, Waveguide band pass filters, Ceramic Band pass filters, Lumped elements band p... Read More

  • Duplexers & Diplexers Duplexers & Diplexers

    Anatech Electronics offers Duplexers and Diplexers in different technologies, from cavity duplexers, LC diplexers and duplexers, Ceramic duplexers, and SAW duplexers. Each technology has its advantages and disadvantages ranging from the frequency ... Read More

  • Low Pass Filters Low Pass Filters

    Anatech Electronics has a full line of standard Low pass filters already designed to meet previous customer's requirements. The fact that our products are manufactured by Anatech Electronics, gives us the flexibility to modify electrically or mech... Read More

  • High Pass Filters High Pass Filters

    Our standard High pass filters as all our standard RF filter products are derived from previous manufactured designs which have been proven and tested. A high pass filter is somewhat a bit more complex as far as achieving the specification over a ... Read More

  • RF Notch Filters RF Notch Filters

    Anatech Electronics RF BandStop filters also referend to as RF Notch Filters expertise is derived from the many years of design experience, knowledge, and emphasis on customer requirements.  The RF Notch Filter is used to reject just a single... Read More

  • Triplexers(0.6-10 GHz) Triplexers(0.6-10 GHz)

    Multiplexers, can be considered as duplexers (2 bands), triplexers (three bands), quadruplexers ( 4 bands), up to as manu as 12 bands.  They provide a cost-effective solution for carriers,or communication systems operating in multiple frequen... Read More

  • RF Filters for Wireless Communication RF Filters for Wireless Communication

    Anatech Electronics offers a large veriety of standard rf filters specifically design for wireless standard and legacy wireless bands and standards.  Anatech Electronics offer band pass filters, duplexers, and band stop / notch filters coveri... Read More

  • Tunable RF Filters(20-3000 MHz) Tunable RF Filters(20-3000 MHz) Tunable RF Band Pass Filters from Anatech Electronics... Read More
  • Band Combiners Band Combiners

    Band Combiners are Designed by combining, two or more Band Pass filters to create a product that will combine wireless bands. Combiner can combine several wireless bands into one output normally going to an antenna covering the full operating Band... Read More

  • Single In/Out Dual Band Filters Single In/Out Dual Band Filters Single in/out dual Band Band Pass Filters are essentially two or more Band Pass Filters in Parallel, leading to a multiple Band combined Band Pass Filters.... Read More
  • Multiplexers(10-12000 MHz) Multiplexers(10-12000 MHz)

                                                                      &n... Read More

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