Crystal Band Pass Filters(0.003-250 MHz)

Crystal bandpass filters use the piezoelectric effect of quartz crystals and convert mechanical motion into electric signals. The low thermal expansion of quartz crystals allows crystal filters to produce stable performance over a wide temperature range. This type of crystal pass band filters exhibit extremely high Q factor, giving them the ability to achieve extremely narrow bandwidth in the range of a few kHz. Such a high Q factor, in the range of 5000 and higher than 10000 results in relatively low loss considering their extremely narrow bandwidth. The crystal band pass filters are available in frequencies up to 250 MHz, in connectorized, surface mount, PC board mount, and drop-in type packages, with a length ranging from approximately 1 to 5 in.

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ModelCenter Frequency Band WidthPass BandInsertion LossReturn LossRejection (low side)Rejection (high side) 
AM1.024CR300 1.024 MHz15,000 Hz1.0165-1.0315 MHz<10 dB>14 dB40 dB @ 30000 HzSee Full Datasheet Request Quote
AM1.25CR293 1.25 MHz96,000 Hz1.202-1.298 MHz<10 dB>14 dB40 dB @ 192000 HzSee Full Datasheet Request Quote
AM1.70CR294 1.70 MHz 768,000 Hz1.316-2.084 MHz<10 dB>14 dB40 dB @ 1536000 HzSee Full Datasheet Request Quote
AM1.70CR297 1.70 MHz192,000 Hz1.604-1.796 MHz<10 dB>14 dB40 dB @ 384000 MHzSee Full Datasheet Request Quote
AM10CR283 10 MHz5 KHz9.9975-10.0025 MHz<2.0 dB>15 dB60 dB @ 100 KHzSee Full Datasheet Request Quote
AM10CR220 10 MHz2500 Hz9.99875-10.00125 MHz<1.0 dB>15 dB70 dB @ 9.9 MHz70 dB @ 10.1 MHz Request Quote
AE10CR365 10 MHz3 dBc BW +/- 3.5 KHz Min2.0 dB MaxSee Full DatasheetSee Full Datasheet Request Quote
AM10.5CR192 10.5 KHz100 Hz0.01-0.011 MHz<6.5 dB>14 dB20 dB @ FoSee Full Datasheet Request Quote
AM10.7CR254 10.7 MHz8 KHz0.0102-0.0112 MHz<5.0 dB>14 dB40 dB @ 25 KHzSee Full Datasheet Request Quote
AM10.7CR305 10.7 MHz12 KHz0.0047-0.0167 MHzSee Full Datasheet>14 dB30 dB @ 30 KHz45 dB @ 42-300 KHz Request Quote

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